Houstonians register to vote on final day to do so

Monday is the final day to register to vote in the November election.

At KIPP Academy Middle School in southwest Houston, employees made a final push to get people registered. Staffers handed out free meals Monday afternoon while asking each family there if they’d like to register to vote.

“We have already registered a couple of families, and so we’re just trying to get the last little bit in for the day,” said Roxanne Torres, a parent ambassador for KIPP Academy.

Final push to register eligible voters in Black, Latino communities in Houston

This weekend, groups across Houston make the final push to get those eligible to vote on the rolls by Monday's deadline particularly in the Black and Latino community.

Several of the KIPP employees are deputized voter registrars for Harris County.

One KIPP Academy parent who filled out the registration form Monday is Ula Sanni who told Fox 26 she recently got her citizenship after immigrating from Nigeria.

“I registered on my own like eight months ago, but this time I want to do it for my husband,” said Sanni.

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Noting that Sanni does not have a driver’s license on her, the deputy voter registrar tells her to go home and send her a picture of the ID.

“If I don’t get the number, I won’t be able to submit it,” says Tasha Dennis, the deputy voter registrar and regional advocacy manager for KIPP Academy.

Dennis told FOX 26 she planned to check each application closely before dropping them off at the voter registrar’s office in person before the Monday evening deadline.

“Being sure that all of the digits are properly formed, the signatures are there as well, because that’s something that’s verified,” said Dennis.

Once voter registration applications are submitted to the voter registrar, they’re sent off to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office for further verification.

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“What they’re seeking to do is to verify that there’s actually a person with that driver’s license or social security number that matches the application, and sometimes they can’t find anybody, and in that case they might reject it depending on what the information is that they’ve received,” said Doug Ray with the Harris County Attorney’s Office who spoke on behalf of the voter registrar’s office after Ann Harris Bennett declined to interview.

If your registration application is rejected, you’ll be notified within two days and given an opportunity to correct any errors, said Ray.

“If you get the information back to us by October 15th, we’ll relate it back to October 5th and show that you were eligible to vote as of October the 5th,” said Ray.


It can take a while to get confirmation in the mail that you have been registered to vote. If you’re waiting and wondering, you can check your voter registration status online at the Secretary of State’s Office (https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do ) or at the Harris County Voter Registrar’s Office (https://www.hctax.net/Voter/Search ).