Houston realtor donating children's beds to single parents in need

A Houston realtor is launching an initiative to give single parents beds for their kids this holiday season. 

300,000 children are sleeping on the floor every night in Houston, according to the group Children at Risk.

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Realtor Noel Collier knows what that's like.  She had a baby at 16 and later moved to Houston as a single parent with just an air mattress and a crate.  

Her agency, Noel Collier Group, is donating beds to kids of struggling, single parents.  She says they'll be delivered in time for the kids to wake up in beds on Christmas morning.

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She was inspired by her own experience as a young, single mother.

"I remember being that single teen at 16 with a kid," said Collier. "A single teen mom on my own, trying to figure it out, trying to make ends meet. There’s no guide to parenting. There’s no guide to being a single teen parent. So being able to reach back and serve that small sector of the world that I came from means everything to me, Heather,:


Collier has already received 47 applications and will keep taking applications through this weekend. However, she hopes to partner with a furniture company and more realtors to continue donating beds through next year.

Parents can apply by emailing their stories to Collier at admin@sellwithnoel.com.

For more information visit SellwithNoel.com.