Houston prepares to say goodbye to fallen son George Floyd

On the eve of George Floyd's funeral services in his home city, Houstonians continue to stand in solidarity with the 46-year-old's family through prayer and peaceful protests; one organization uniquely calling the gathering a "Praytest." 

Late Sunday afternoon, the call for action moved to Discovery Green where dozens gathered to march to City Hall demanding justice for Floyd and Breonna Taylor whose case has yet to see any charges.  

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Protesters also added a new chant this weekend, asking city leaders to defund the police. 

For many, the last two weeks since Floyd's gruesome death at the hands of Minneapolis Police have been a time of self-reflection. 

"I had to do a bit of reflection of how much information I'm giving to the children in my family and not hold the school system responsible for educating them on African American history. Not just slavery, not just Jim Crow-ism, not just lynching, but the great inventions of this nation, great orators, great scientists of this nation," said Monica Strange, who attended Praytest. 

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"For me coming from Louisiana, from the Jim Crow era, it has been a welcomed eye-opener for the nation and the world. It’s something we as black folk have been buried under all their life -- certainly all my life," said Gary Sowell. 

As the world shifts their attention to the Bayou City for Floyd's final goodbye, fellow Houstonians are offering words of comfort to his family. 
"Sending peace and love and a covering to Mr. Floyd’s family, his children, his parents, and his brothers and sisters," said Monica Strange. 

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"I pray God’s blessing on them and that they would look to him for their strength and their comfort and that we hope and pray that his death will not be in vain," said Jackie Sowell. 
"To his family, we pray God’s comfort. We pray God’s peace and we pray God’s healing -- not only with the family but on this world," said Gary Sowell. 

Public viewing is scheduled from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday at the Fountain of Praise Church in Southwest Houston. Floyd's funeral services are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Tuesday.