Houston mother looking for answers after daughter shot, killed in Midtown

A Houston mother is looking for answers after her daughter was shot and killed in Midtown.

Just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, police say a man shot at Rashika Pruitt's car multiple times while she was inside, near the 900 block of Webster Street. The 29-year-old reached OnStar and gave a description of the suspect while trying to drive away.

She made it three blocks.

"She's way tougher than me. Way stronger. So, no I'm not surprised," said Victoria Pruitt of her daughter's strength in her last moments.
Police say the victim had a passenger who was asleep when the shooting happened and was not hurt.

"[The passenger] ended up having to stop the car herself and kind of pull it to the side of the road," said Det. Sgt. Thomas Simmons with the Houston Police Department.

Police say the suspect is a light-skinned black man, between 40 to 50 years old, and was wearing a green jacket without a collar and blue jeans.


Houston police investigate deadly shooting of woman in car in Midtown

Houston police say the driver was shot through the car door by an unknown male suspect, and she was then able to drive about three blocks away.

Police add Rashika had an argument with an ex-boyfriend earlier that night near where the shooting happened but are not sure if he is connected.

"Not real sure if she was parked or how she was," Simmon added. "If it was some random deal where somebody came up to take her car or if she was targeted. We just don't know that just yet."

"We really don't know what happened -- nothing. My family, we just all want justice and we want answers of what happened," Victoria told FOX 26.

She says now she has to be strong for Rashika's three children -- the youngest is only seven.

Victoria hopes the shooter will turn himself in or someone can help police find him.

"It would mean a lot. It would give me peace. It will give her children peace. It will give my family peace," she pleaded.

Police say there was a cab behind Rashika at the time of the shooting and are reviewing the dashcam video.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.