Gun violence memorial at Discovery Green commemorates thousands of lives lost

A memorial commemorating thousands of lives lost to gun violence each year is now on display at Discovery Green. 

The memorial is part of a national installation by the organization, Giffords, which was founded by former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. In 2011, Giffords was shot in the head during a political rally and survived. 

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A beautiful yet somber display of 4,000 white vases were spaced out along the park, symbolizing the number of lives lost to gun violence in 2020. 

During a news conference Thursday, the Harris County District Attorney’s office handed out free gun locks to all in attendance, as part of an ongoing initiative for safer gun storage. 

"No one at Giffords or anywhere else is against the Second Amendment. What we’re for is responsible use and storage for weapons, and we’ve done a lot to advance that in Harris County," said Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. 

"My purpose of being here is to maintain the promise I made to my daughter on May 18. She asked what I was going to do to keep her safe because no one was doing anything," said Christina Delgado. 


For Christina Delgado, the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in May 2018, has forever scarred her and her now 17-year-old daughter, London. 

Just recently, the students faced another bomb threat and reports of a gun on campus. 

"For my daughter and other students, as soon as they walked out of that school to see emergency vehicles, they thought it was happening again. These students thought they were running for their lives," Delgado said. 

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Last week, Delgado and a group of other moms from Parkland and Sandy Hook, traveled to Washington D.C. on a lobby mission. 

Delgado met with Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to plead for their support in passing Ethan’s Law.  

"What it would do is put penalties on irresponsible ownership and irresponsible storage. So, if a child or a troubled individual has ready access to that firearm and ends up harming or killing another individual, there are penalties; as it should be," Delgado said.