5 people shot outside Third Ward bar, one victim hopes to help stop gun violence

Early Thursday morning, five people were shot outside a bar in Houston’s Third Ward.

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According to police, the shooting happened early Thursday morning after a fight outside Spivey’s on the 3000 block of Blodgett Street.

"We are going through surveillance video," said Houston Police Commander Caroleta Johnson. "We hope to drill down into who and why [this happened]."

Five people were shot, including Augusta Williams Jr. Police say all five victims are expected to survive.

"I heard several shots," said Williams. "Two of them went through me.  I realized I was shot and hurried to my vehicle and drove to the hospital.  I’m just thankful to be alive and moving forward."


Late last month, a security guard was shot outside another bar along Blodgett Street.

"What the hell is going on?" said Tomaro Bell, Chair of the Super Neighborhood Alliance. "I mean, this is ridiculous. We are sick of this. You county officials who are for this felony bond reform and just want the bodies to pile up, pile up, pile up, you’ve got to go.  We want to overtake Chicago in population, not in murders."

In a recent press conference, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner expressed his frustration with recent violence outside Houston area bars and clubs.

"We will not let criminals take over our city," said Chief Finner. "After hour clubs, nobody is going to disguise a haven where gang members and drug dealers can hang out. We’re coming after you."

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Williams says he recently got out of prison and has changed his life for the better. He spent the last year doing charity work.  According to Williams, his new goal is to stop the shootings.

"I’m just trying to change the narrative of my life and peoples’ as well," said Williams. "Put the guns down. Take one second to think [and] make better decisions.  We’re killing each other."

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A crime press conference/town hall is scheduled to take place Monday at 10 a.m. at the corner of Live Oak and Calumet. The public is encouraged to attend. The event is sponsored by MacGregor Super Neighborhood and the Riverside Civic Association.