Angela Diaz missing: Houston-area family seeks community help in search

A family is pleading for the community’s help to find their missing loved one. 22-year-old Angela Marisol Diaz was last seen on Monday. According to her family, they tracked her phone to a location behind the Fitness Connection off of I-10 near a wooded area. 

"We are missing our family. We are missing one of ours on this holiday," said the wife of Edward Diaz. 

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According to Angela's family, she went missing on Monday, but her boyfriend didn’t let them know until Wednesday. Her family believes her disappearance is suspicious. 

"She’s a really loving, loving girl. A happy girl. She doesn’t have any reason, like the police say, to run away," said Edward Diaz, Angela's father. 

Angela's family said her boyfriend last saw her at the Moonlight Inn and Suites along Gulf Freeway around 11:30 p.m. on Monday night. The family revealed her boyfriend told them she was supposed to meet a man at the location. 

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"So when he called, I asked him about my daughter. He said he didn’t know her, then told me ‘yes, I drop her off at Telephone Road," said Diaz.  

But Angela’s family said that’s not where her phone was last seen. Instead, around 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Angela’s phone showed her location near a wooded area behind a gym. 

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"She was in the corner in the bayou by the forest behind Fitness Connection and that’s it. It just turned off," said Sorangely Diaz, Angela's older sister. 

Angela’s family shared their frustration with the lack of police response. 

"We go home, do the missing flyers, and we come in the morning, and they’re still not there. We’re there before them waiting," said Sorangley Diaz. 

"They tell me they don’t have the manpower right now, but time keeps going," said Edward Diaz. 

Anyone with information on Angela’s whereabouts is urged to call the Houston Police Department.