Dozens of volunteers come to the rescue for Santa Fe couple

Volunteers from the non-profit PVF Roundtable came together for a heartfelt community project in Santa Fe in Galveston County.

The group includes employees from the pipe, valve, and fitting industry that serve oil and gas companies in the greater Houston area.

"You've got to take care of those who take care of others," exclaims Margie Dalton, a board member of PVF Roundtable.

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That was the caring attitude of all of the volunteers, who donated their time to help a much-deserving couple. Volunteers, doing everything from major yard work to clearing off old construction debris that had built-up through the years, all to help Linda and Dana Huoni in Santa Fe.

"They're very involved in the community and their church and they give a lot back. And sometimes what happens, you get caught up in helping others and don't have time to take care of your own things," says Margie.

A lot of heavy-lifting for a couple who lifts up others is a perfect trade-off.

"We have 40-45 volunteers and wanted to give back to the oil and gas community. We're big in Texas, so to be able to give back to this great family, it feels great," exclaims Tray Harrell, who's volunteering and representing PVF Roundtable.

Linda and Dana are in awe of the TLC they're getting from PVF.


"Absolutely incredible! We've been refurbishing and every time heavy trash pick-up came, we couldn't stay ahead of it, so this is great! I would just drive up and say, 'Oh God, please?' But hey - it's happening!  We don't have to be ashamed of it. It makes me feel peaceful. I feel like we can have our park back here that we were dreaming of having once upon a time," smiles Linda.

"I'm overwhelmed!  I can see from my front porch to the street and from the back porch to the property line! It's wonderful that this group came out and blessed us and we hope they're blessed, also," Dana says.

The Huoni's have lived here 25 years and are happy with its renewal.

"It's just amazing to see everyone out there pitching in and braving the snakes and poison ivy, poison oak, and spiders! We're beyond ourselves proud of the community," Linda says.

Children, even pitching-in and happy to share a full report about creatures out here.

"We saw a spider, but not no snakes and we've seen a frog," explains a sweet group of children.

The property was solid forestry to begin with, but wide-open spaces are now here, for the family to enjoy. The volunteers got something out of it as well, with a warm sense of camaraderie.

"I try to give as much as I can to help others and not just doing things for myself. It's all people in the industry that I know, and we've become friends, so I enjoy it," says Alice Matamoros.


All in a day's work, the construction dumpster is up to the rim and the land is looking beautiful!

"God bless you! It's more than we expected. I thought maybe five or six people would come out and throw some stuff in the dumpster, but this crew is an answered blessing," smiles Dana.

To top of it off, Dockside Smokehouse showed up, donating much-appreciated BBQ to end the day of service.

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