Volunteers needed to help family in Santa Fe: 'They give so much'

A family in neighboring Sante Fe is getting much-needed help this weekend, and you can help, as well! 

Members of the non-profit group PVF Roundtable are doing their part to give back to a couple who has helped this community so much.


Residents of Santa Fe have had a rough few years, everything from a school shooting that shocked the nation to devastating flooding. One couple has been there through it all, trying to help enhance others' lives and get their town through the dark days. 

Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Linda and Dana Huoni for their community service. Now their community is returning the favor.

"On Saturday we're going to have approximately 30 to 40 volunteers from our industry and organization. What we're going to be doing is cleaning up the yard and area around the home of this couple. They give a lot to their community! They are heavily involved in the Chamber of Commerce for Santa Fe. They are constantly donating through their church, or even after Hurricane Harvey, they were very big and instrumental in doing a food drive, so we felt that they were very deserving. They give so much, so we want to give back to them, because they don't have the ability to clean up their yard like they used to, so we thought this was the perfect way to show our appreciation to them," states Shanna McKelvian with Federal Flange.


They'll be clearing out construction debris and cleaning up property around the Huoni's home.

PVF Roundtable has been giving back to our community the past 30 years!

"We all work within the pipe valve and fittings industry, and we directly serve the oil and gas petrochemical and chemistry industry here in Houston. We have approximately 200 members," explains Kim Sheldon-Brown with Welding Outlets.

They work hard to raise funds to help our community, often donating to schools in Texas and Louisiana. Now they're donating their time to make a difference and could use even more volunteers. The interest has been high!

"We've had people donate food, we've got some wonderful members of the PVF Roundtable donating a tent and coolers, cooling cloths and Gatorades and all that kind of good stuff," says Kim.

The clean-up project is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, in Santa Fe.

For more information and to get the address click here or email: pvfyps@gmail.com