New competency review for confessed Santa Fe shooter

A Galveston County judge has called for another competency review for the confessed Santa Fe High School shooter. He's been deemed unfit to stand trial since killing 10 people inside the school in 2018. FOX 26's Shelby Rose breaks down the arguments as well as reactions from the victim's families.

Judge holds hearing on mental status of Santa Fe HS shooter

A Galveston County Judge held a hearing for confessed Santa Fe High School shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The hearing focused on his mental status and whether an independent expert will be appointed to determine if Pagourtzis is competent to stand trial. FOX 26's Shelby Rose reports on the details from the hearing.

Santa Fe mom arrested for removing confederate flag off parent's property

A Santa Fe woman says she was wrongfully arrested after trying to remove a neighbor's confederate flag from off her parent's property. She says the neighbor who owns the flag harasses her and the police department did not handle the situation correctly. FOX 26's Sherman Desselle reports more on what she says she's been dealing with.