'As soon as I accelerated, he shot at me,' road rage survivor speaks with FOX 26

A road rage survivor spoke with FOX 26 in hopes of bringing awareness to how dangerous the roadways are.

Maisha Guillory, the mother of the 19-year-old who does not want her identity shown out of fear, says the incident has left her traumatized.

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The Houston Police Department is now looking into the incident that happened on Monday night, near Tidwell and North Shepherd about five minutes away from her work in the Heights.

"He started to roll up next to me, his window was down, and he had his gun pointing out the window," said the daughter. "As soon as I saw the gun pointing out the window, I knew I had to go. As soon as I accelerated, he shot at me."

Maisha says her daughter has only been driving for three weeks, and at the time of the incident was driving slowly because of speed bumps and potholes in the area. She believes that is what triggered the other driver.

"Just the thought of everything that could have happened keeps me up at night, she has PTSD, and she’s afraid to drive," said Guillory.


Maisha tells us the police department has mentioned to her that these road rage incidents happen more often than we think.

"He said what we see on TV is not even touching on what they have to deal with," said Guillory.

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The daughter said she now has a new perspective on life and will never take her safety for granted.

"It’s sad to think that that’s where we are now in this society, this gun violence and road rage is so severe we have to install cameras in our cars," said Guillory.