29-year-old man murdered after judge grants felony PR bond to armed robber recently paroled from prison

"I've never had any of these defendants we've profiled on Breaking Bond on parole and on a felony PR bond charged with murder," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "This is a first."

30-year-old Quinnton Allen is a convicted armed robber. He spent almost a decade in prison.

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"He just got paroled December 3, 2021, and within two weeks, he gets charged with felon in possession of a weapon a gun, blatant violation," Kahan said.

Allen not only got to stay on parole, but 185th Criminal District Court Judge Jason Luong granted him a PR bond for his new felony charge of felon in possession of a weapon.


"How do you get a personal recognizance bond, a get out of jail free card, for a convicted felon just released from prison?" said Kahan.

That decision may have cost 29-year-old Luis Espinoza his life. Police say Allen shot and killed Espinoza on June 18. He's back behind bars with no bond set.

"Someone who is already convicted of a felony, and also has a weapon, they're not supposed to have that to begin with," said Sydney Zuicker with Crime Stoppers.

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In a Breaking Bond report last month, we told you how Raymond Young and Delvin Clemons were out on bond for felon in possession of a weapon. Both went on to allegedly commit murder.

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Because there are so many cases like this, Crime Stoppers is now researching the problem.

"My prediction is that felon in possession of a weapon is going to be present in a lot of our homicide cases, a lot of our family violence cases, and therefore it's something that has to be addressed," Zuicker said.