25-year-old admitted gang member granted 31 felony bonds faces new judge

The judge who continuously revoked and reinstated all Joshua Ortiz-Lopez's bonds lost in the primary.

On Tuesday, Ortiz-Lopez learned the new judge who replaced her isn't playing.

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It's hard to believe anyone, including Ortiz-Lopez, is surprised to see he's back in the 263rd Criminal District Court facing new criminal charges.

"Possession of a controlled substance, and theft of a motor vehicle valued at over $30,000," said Assistant DA Thomas Waddle.

We first told you about Ortiz-Lopez last January for being a bond record holder.

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"I have never seen anyone out on 31 felony bonds before in my career," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "I dare anybody to find a defendant whose had more than 31 bonds."

Since 2019, Ortiz-Lopez has had his bonds revoked and reinstated more than two dozen times. His total bond amounts exceed $1 million.

His charges include engaging in organized criminal activity, arson, retaliation and possession of body armor by a convicted felon.

"On three cases, three felonies, he got five bonds on the same felony," Kahan said. "I'm looking at this going, maybe after the third one you might want to say this just isn't working out, dude. Every time we give you bond, you keep getting charged with a new crime and getting revoked again."

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Court documents state Ortiz-Lopez and another admitted gang member stole a car on March 6 and took police on a high speed chase.

"This is an extreme danger to our community here in Harris County," Waddle said.

"Auto theft is a pandemic not just for car dealerships, but also for the average citizen."


While this is far from being the first time Ortiz-Lopez has been in the 263rd, it's his first time facing newly elected Judge Melissa Morris.

"I believe that the court raised the bonds to an appropriate level, $5 million," said Waddle. "Hopefully it will keep Mr Ortiz-Lopez in custody."

That's right. Ortiz-Lopez is now behind bars with bond amounts totaling $5 million.