24-year-old ex-con free from jail on total of 31 felony bonds, exceeding more than $1 million

"I've never seen someone who's out on a total of 31 felony bonds," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. 

You can't blame 24-year-old Joshua Gabriel Ortiz-Lopez for choosing freedom over a jail cell.

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It's some Harris County Criminal District Court Judges who see no problem with granting a convicted felon 31 felony bonds.

"$1,160,000 in total bonds on eight felonies since 2019," Kahan said.

Ortiz-Lopez's felony charges include engaging in organized criminal activity, arson, retaliation, and possession of body armor by a convicted felon.

"I've seen his bond revoked on one case four times on another case four times," said Kahan. "They keep reinstating it, and he keeps getting back out. He keeps reoffending and they keep putting him back out."

While out on bond, Ortiz-Lopez has racked up seven new felony charges and was convicted of felony theft in Montgomery County.

"If public safety is your primary goal to keep the public safe from an offender like him, it's not happening," said Kahan.

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We went to the northwest Harris County home that Ortiz-Lopez claims as his address to the bonding company. A woman there told us, he no longer lives there.

"I dare anyone out there who's watching this, if you think you can top 31 felony bonds, call me, you contact us," Kahan said.

The judge responsible for all the felony bonds is Amy Martin. She lost the 263rd bench in last year's primary election.