27-year-old convicted felon on parole, out on bond at the same time now charged with capital murder

Less than four months ago, 27-year-old Emound Mosley was paroled from prison.

Parole officials told Mosley he had to live at a halfway house at 10950 Beaumont Highway.

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"Immediately violates his conditions of parole," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "He's supposed to go to a halfway house that's one of the stipulations of his release. He doesn't show."

In January, just two months after being paroled, Mosley is charged with evading arrest.

"And this was a serious evading arrest," Kahan said. "Dude is going over 100 miles an hour for 18 miles. He leads officers on a chase."

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Instead of issuing a blue warrant to keep Mosley behind bars, parole officials allow him to remain on supervision.

339th Criminal District Court Judge Te'via Bell sets the parolee's bond at just $15,000.

Mosley walks out of jail.

"Umpteenth amount of chances this guy was given in a very short time span," said Kahan.

Once again Mosley is told by parole to go to a northeast side halfway house. He doesn't.

Just 10 days ago, police say Mosley went to a home in Atascosita and shot and killed 45-year-old Gavin Ally and stole his car.

"None of this should have ever happened," said Kahan. "This 45-year-old man, Gavin Ally, should be alive and doing whatever he would be doing today."

Mosley's bond for the capital murder charge is set at $500,000.