33-year-old man goes from being a parolee to getting PR bond for murder charge

Jerry Bernard Jones is the first defendant we've found to get a PR, or personal recognizance bond, for a murder charge since the pandemic.

According to court documents his street name is Loco, that also describes the way he's been handled by Harris County's Criminal Justice system.

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Jones' saga begins with him on parole out of Galveston County for retaliation and family assault.

"And this is where this tale begins to spin, like a pinball machine run amuck," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. 

Jones is on parole for less than a month when police say he shot and killed Edward Rouse on June 27, 2018. 

It happened in the 4900 block of Perry.

"He successfully completes his parole while in custody in the Harris County Jail, Kahan said. "Because at that time he couldn't make the bond."

Then on June 26, 2021, Jones posts a cash bond for $150,000 for murder and aggravated assault.

According to court documents, Jones repeatedly violates his bond conditions, especially his GPS monitoring device.

"He supposedly told pre-trial services that the GPS was tampered with or was attempted to be removed while he was praying," said Kahan.

Jones' prayers are about to be answered.

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After one visiting judge raises his bond amount to $225,000, a different visiting judge for some unknown reason, gives him a personal recognizance bond.

"He gets a PR personal recognizance get out of jail free card on June 10, 2022. That's for murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon," Kahan said.


While free on the free bond, Jones continues his crime spree.

"He was actually convicted in Brazoria County of felony theft while he was on bond in Harris County," said Kahan.

Last week, Jones was charged with assault with intent to impede breathing.

"So you've got someone who starts off on parole in Galveston County, charged with murder in Harris County, picks up another charge in Brazoria County, and is now back in custody in Harris County for a violent felony," Kahan said. 

Jones is currently jailed with no bond set.