37-year-old man accused of assaulting at least 4 women granted bond, released after each alleged attack

The first time 37-year-old Rocky Javier Garza got charged with assault of a family member impeding breathing was in 2019. His sentence was 120 days in jail.

A year later, he picks up his second charge of assault of a family member impeding breathing.

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"He would choke her, then let her go, and repeatedly do it again. It involved some really graphic violent sexual assault that we can't even get into," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

In 2022, Garza picked up three more assault charges.

"You had at least four, if not five, because I don't know who the victim was in Oklahoma. Five different women that were victims of some really vicious assaults by him," Kahan said.

"Can you imagine the trauma that that victim or these victims in this case are going through? These are wounds and things that will last a lifetime," said Chau Nguyen, trauma therapist with JEM Wellness and Counseling.

"And he keeps getting out on bond. $20,000, $10,000, $1,000, $500. He keeps getting out all in like less than a year," said Kahan.

230th Criminal District Court Judge Chris Morton grants Garza a $40,000 bond for a sexual assault charge, even though he's already granted him three bonds.

"This sends a terrible message to survivors. That is, if you want justice, if you want safety, the criminal court system will not protect you," Nguyen said.

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On January 19, Garza was arrested and charged with assault of a family member second offender impeding breathing.

Police say he tried to strangle another woman bringing the number of victims to at least four.

"If you're being strangled, your propensity, your mortality goes up 10-fold. You will die," Nguyen said. "These women are lucky to be alive."

Garza is currently behind bars with no bond set. That could likely change.