Gov. Abbott limits ballot drop-off, fraud prevention or voter suppression - What's Your Point?

This week's panel: Charles Blain, Urban Reform, Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant, Carmen Roe, FOX 26 legal analyst, and Houston attorney, 
Craig Jackson, professor TSU Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Isabel Longoria, senior adviser Harris County Clerk join host Greg Groogan to discuss this week's proclamation by Governor Abbott regarding in-person delivery of mail-in ballots

AUSTIN, Texas - Governor Greg Abbott has issued a proclamation that his office says will enhance ballot security protocols for the in-person delivery of marked mail ballots for the November 3 election.

Under this proclamation, beginning on October 2, 2020, mail ballots that are delivered in person by voters who are eligible to vote by mail must be delivered to a single early voting clerk’s office location as publicly designated by a county’s early voting clerk. 


Governor Abbott issues order limiting mail-in ballot drop off locations

Harris County Judge reacts to Governor Abbott's proclamation

Lawsuit filed to block Governor's proclamation