Weekend storms: Almost tropical depression, derecho & squall line

Three amazing storm systems from this past weekend included an "almost tropical depression," a derecho in Canada, and a drought-denting squall line in Texas.

The almost tropical depression

Almost tropical depression

On Sunday, a small area of low pressure formed south of Mobile, AL and caught the attention of the National Hurricane Center. They actually named it an area of investigation known as "Invest 90L."

This means that it would have been eligible for a hurricane hunter flight and had special computer models run for its development, but it moved inland very quickly and didn't have a chance of strengthening further.

If it had stayed over water for a few more hours, it may have become a tropical depression. As you can see in the image above, it is still an impressive-looking area of low pressure bringing storms to Georgia and Alabama.


Derecho tears through Canada

Canada Derecho

On Saturday, a rare "derecho" storm system tore through Toronto and Ottawa, Canada.

Derechos are long-lived lines of severe storms that create winds of at least 60 mph and covers distance of at least 250 miles. They typically cause serious straight line wind damage that can resemble a tornado, but is a result of very high winds similar to a downburst.

FOX Weather reports several people were killed as high winds toppled trees and power lines. Officials in Canada said more than 350,000 customers lost power during the severe weather.


Line of storms in Texas

Finally, a much-needed round of heavy rain moved through the Houston area on Saturday night and Sunday morning along with frequent lightning and high wind gusts.

Scholes Airport in Galveston measured a 56 mph wind gust as the line of storms blew through.

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However, the 2-3" of rain and the expected additional rain Tuesday and Wednesday will bring relief to an ongoing severe drought.