Dating during the COVID-19 pandemic

So much has changed in the way we live lately, and that includes dating. Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini offers advice on dating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6 great dates you can create at home

No matter what happens in life, it’s important you prioritize the relationship you have with each other and look for fun ways to continue to date at home.

Surviving quarantine with your partner

For many couples, their biggest problem has been a lack of time to spend with each other, so taking advantage of this time and practicing these behaviors can help you both survive confinement and feel closer.

Ways to cope with quarantine as a couple

Being confined to a small space can be hard on any couple, but add in the stress of a global pandemic, and tolerating your partner may seem to be getting more difficult by the day.

A "spring break" for your family's health

It’s spring break for many students, and even if you can't get off from work, afford a trip, or your trip has been cancelled, don't let that discourage you from taking a break with your children. Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini shares some daily experiences we can enjoy with our children.

How to handle a chronic complainer

When your friend begins telling you only the negative aspects of their partner, it inevitably changes your perception of their spouse. It also impacts your personal friendship.