Great sex is a kiss away

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to create a great sex life with your partner. However, you do need to practice these 10 behaviors.

5 signs you're in a band-aid relationship

Being single when you rather be with someone is difficult. Coupled friends may invite you to join them but it can leave you feeling like the third wheel at a table set for four. To avoid these feelings many singles, divorcees, and widowers date people they get along with but don’t love. They describe this type of relationship as a band-aid for the real thing.

Relearning how to love your marriage when the last kid is gone

Divorce has gone down, except in one category. That category is empty nesters. It’s common for couples to experience anxiety prior to their children leaving. In fact, many couples go through a transition period, similar to what their child goes through, three to six months prior to them moving out. They don’t sleep well, feel more stressed, and worry about their future. There are uncertainties...

Have a family fun day before sending children back to school

August brings the reminder of new beginnings and transitions. Although you may be feeling lethargic from the heat and still cleaning sand left over from June and July’s vacations, your children are very aware their life is about to change.

Is your relationship problem sleeping next to you?

I was recently asked to contribute to an article for the New York Times about whether or not spouses should sleep in the same bed. Sleeping next to each other can enhance your marriage; however, how many sleepless nights should you suffer through before talking to your partner about changing your sleep style at night?