What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a day moms look forward to and dad’s dread. What do you give the woman who spends her entire life giving to her kids and family? How do you make mom feel special? Moms aren’t always honest when it comes to telling their partners what they want most, and they lovingly accept breakfast in bed (with spills), pictures to hang on the fridge, coffee cups, candles, and cards. After all, commercials everywhere promote these as being what mom really wants. This year, I compiled a list of what real moms told me they really wanted. The number one thing moms told me they wanted is a break. They want a break from their children, partners, work pressures, and the world.


Below are other suggestions that will make the mom in your life feel special and loved on her day. Dads, if you plan it, she will feel more connected and in love with you than anything else you could purchase for her.

1. Mom wants to wake up in a clean house she didn’t have to clean or lift a finger to help with.

2. Mom wants a night alone away from the kids (while knowing they are well taken care of), and she wants to sleep. Depending on how much sleep mom lacks, a long weekend may be necessary.

3. Mom wants an uninterrupted hot bubble bath with soft lighting and her music without a child knocking at the door asking where she is.

4. Mom wants a full body massage with no pressure to do or be anything else.

5. Mom wants a spa day alone or with girlfriends without getting a call when there is a disaster at home.

6. Mom wants a quiet, prepared dinner made with care and attention to her without having to clean up after.

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Moms love their children, and they love their partner, but moms have a hard time saying what they really want for Mother’s Day. So this year have the kids draw pictures and maybe even bring breakfast in bed, but also make sure mom gets out of the house alone, has a spa day appointment, or has an overnight stay in a hotel. Moms who get a break from their home, kids, and partners feel revived and love better when they come home.