Damali Keith

Damali Keith


Damali Keith joined the FOX 26 family more than a decade ago. She delivers reports for weekday newscasts. Since making Houston home, Damali has been involved in countless community outreach programs. Some of the issues important to her are empowering women, combating domestic abuse and anything to do with protecting children and promoting strong families. She's originally from Wayne, MI. Her journey as a journalist has taken her from her first TV Reporting job in Owensboro, KY to Evansville, IN with a stop in Memphis, TN before arriving at FOX 26 here in Houston in July 2000. When she isn't working, you'll find her at any given park, playground, (restaurant or shopping mall) with her daughter. She loves books, music, LAUGHING & God (but not in that order). One of her latest loves? Coming into the computer age!

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Houston woman dealing with neurological effects of COVID-19

A Houston woman who was hospitalized with COVID-19 thought being discharged to go home meant she was on the mend. She soon learned, while physically she was getting better, mentally, severe COVID-19 symptoms were just beginning.