What day are midterm elections 2022? How to prepare beforehand

Texas voters will soon be heading to the polls to take part in the democratic process during the midterm election; and while it may seem like a while away, it's actually closer than we thought. 

Tuesday, November 8 will be Texas' midterm elections and before anything, folks should ensure they are properly registered to vote

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Voters will be deciding the next governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and other statewide positions, as well as electing some local leaders.

Why is the election day held on a Tuesday, you might ask? According to a Pew Research article, it's got a long history that initially began "with November because it was after farmers were done with their harvest, but before hard winter weather that could make it difficult for them to get to town to vote. And since traveling by horse over unimproved roads could take a while, lawmakers wanted to avoid making their constituents travel to or from the polls on a Sunday (widely considered a day of rest and worship, not politicking)."

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