Waller County families endure fifth day without power after tornado damage

Residents in Waller County voiced their feelings of abandonment in the aftermath of last week’s severe storm. FOX 26 spoke with a family who are navigating through the hardship of their fifth day without water or power.

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The devastation left by the EF-1 tornado is still apparent across Waller County. Driveways are blocked by toppled trees and downed power lines, with those affected eagerly awaiting the return of basic utilities.

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Jerre Green, faced with the storm’s lingering effects, shares her family’s ordeal: "It’s hot. We bought a generator from a friend. It’s running a couple of fans, our refrigerator freezer, a couple of lights," said Green. With no end to the outage in sight, her family's resilience is being tested.


The National Weather Service's confirmation of the tornado brings little solace to those like Green, whose daily routines have been turned upside down. "We have no access to our water well since it's underground, so water is scarce. We've been using water from our pool to flush toilets, but we cannot shower or bathe," Green explained the extent of their discomfort.

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Besides the lack of amenities, concerns about safety are rising. Green expressed fear about potential hazards due to structural damage: "If the meter box is damaged and the power comes back, we might face an electrical fire." 

This worry underscores the complex challenges the community faces during recovery.

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In a search for help, Green has applied for federal aid with FEMA. But, as Waller County hasn't been declared a federal disaster area, the application's fate remains uncertain. "Right now the FEMA application is just an application because Waller is not on the list, yet we’re still waiting. My fear is that it’s going to take a long time. The April 26th flood just now got on there," she shared.

The weather adds another layer of urgency to the situation. With temperatures nearing 90 degrees, the lack of power poses a health risk, particularly for the elderly and those with medical conditions.

"Wednesday it’s going to feel like a hundred and that’s outside. Inside, where you don’t have anything other than a couple of fans, it’s a lot hotter than that. There’s not a lot of distribution of air," Green said.

Federal assistance is available to eligible individuals and families affected by this disaster, apply here.