Unsolved murders in Baytown inspire dark comedy movie, but grieving families seek justice

Mary Lou Morris and Mary McGinnis Morris didn't know each other, but they met the same fate in October 2000. Their still unsolved murders are now the subject of a dark comedy, but not everyone is laughing.

"It sounds like a movie plot, right," said Marilyn Blalock. "It sounds like a made-up fictional story."

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October 12, 2000. Blalock's 48-year-old mother, Mary Lou Morris, was found dead just three miles from her home in Baytown.

"We really don't know how she died," Blalock said. "Because unfortunately she was found in her car, and it was burned."

On the day of her mother's funeral, Blalock made a shocking discovery. She called the Medical Examiner's Office hoping to find her mothers' jewelry, so she could be buried with it.

"Their response was the funeral home will pick it up, when they pick up the body. And I said they've already done that, and they're like no Mary Morris is still here," said Blalock.


Three days after Mary Lou Morris was found murdered, Mary McGinnis Morris was found murdered in her car.

"The similarities are shocking right, they're kind of astounding," Blalock said. "What are the chances that these are not related, but then what are the chances they are?"

There's a theory Mary McGinnis Morris was the target of a hit man who killed Mary Lou Morris by mistake.

On Mother's Day, Blalock learned the murders were the subject of a movie called Maggie Moore(s).

"The fact that my mom is not here is hard enough, but the fact that people will be laughing at the most tragic thing to ever happen to me," said Blalock. "There's nothing I can find to laugh about in the situation, and I think that's what hurts the most."

Blalock hopes the movie might at least help solve her mother's murder. The movie has an ending. That's something Blalock might never get,

"I don't even want to think that's possible," she said. "I really want to think at some point I'm going to know what happened, and I'm going to know why."

Anyone with information about the murders, should call Crime Stoppers.