Tips to get rebook flight fast if it gets canceled

Winter weather has forced the cancelation of 4,300 flights across the country in the days leading up to Christmas. That's leaving thousands of travelers scrambling to get to their destinations.

We asked the experts at The Points Guy for tips on managing a canceled flight.

They suggest downloading the app for your airline so that you can stay on top of your flight, where it's coming from, and whether there are any delays or cancelations and also going to the airport three hours early.

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If your flight is canceled, you are now competing with hundreds of people to get rebooked on another flight with few seats available.

"Best advice to passengers is to use every single tool in your toolbox," said Clint Henderson, managing editor for The Points Guy.

"Ping the airline on social media. Follow them on Twitter, direct message them on Instagram or Twitter. Run to the customer service desk and try to get first in line. You want to be on the phone with the airline at the same time, and you want to have the app on your phone to potentially rebook yourself," suggested Henderson.

According to the Department of Transportation, if your flight is canceled and you face a significant delay, you do not have to accept a flight voucher. You are entitled to a refund.

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Although airlines do not owe you a voucher for a hotel or meals for canceled or delayed flights, it doesn't hurt to ask.  

If you buy your tickets with a credit card that offers travel protection, that can cover your hotel and meals if your flight is delayed.