Problems at pump as more people take road trips on Fourth of July weekend

A shortage of truck drivers is causing gasoline delivery delays, leaving some stations with low or no gas. Travelers taking road trips for the Fourth of July are advised to not let their fuel flirt too close to empty. They may have to travel to the next exit if they come upon a station without gas.

Feeding hungry Houstonians for Juneteenth

The Emancipation Park Conservancy teamed up with Lucille's 1913' to help feed Houstonians in traditional Juneteenth fashion. FOX 26's Denise Middleton gives us a look at the celebrations.

Juneteenth is now a national holiday, but some say it isn’t enough

President Joe Biden signed legislation today that made Juneteenth a national holiday. The holiday marks the day the last American slaves, in Galveston, learned they were emancipated. But many in the Black community say a paid day off at work isn’t the meaningful change they want. Our panelists join The Factor to debate the backlash.