The number of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries in greater Houston area

There have been 136,900 confirmed Coronavirus COVID-19 cases in and from the greater Houston area.

Here is a county-by-county list of reported cases, deaths, and recoveries.


Austin County: 182 total cases, 4 death, 120 recoveries

Austin County reported 38 new cases, three more deaths, and 48 new recoveries on July 27. 

Brazoria County: 6,930 total cases, 58 deaths, 3,220 recoveries

Brazoria County is reporting 128 new COVID-19 cases, two deaths, and 36 recoveries on Wednesday. They also report one case transferred out of their jurisdiction.

Brazos County: 4,107 total cases, 49 deaths, 3,764 recoveries

Brazos County reported 15 new cases of COVID-19 and 32 new recoveries on Wednesday. More information here.

Chambers County: 1,008 total cases, 7 deaths, 858 recoveries

Chambers County announced 15 new cases, one new death, and 18 new recoveries on Wednesday. The latest county date is here.

Colorado County: 362 total cases, 2 deaths, 157 recoveries

Colorado County added 15 new cases of COVID-19 and one recovery on Tuesday. You can find the latest information about the county's cases on the OEM's Facebook page.

Fort Bend County: 10,487 total cases, 119 deaths, 4,635 recoveries

Fort Bend County reported 152 new cases and four deaths on Wednesday. The latest numbers can be found on the county's dashboard.

Galveston County: 9,707 total cases, 75 deaths, 4,864 recoveries

Galveston County reported 102 new cases and 424 recoveries on Wednesday. For the county's latest numbers, click here

Grimes County: 420 total cases, 255 recoveries

Grimes County reported 24 new cases and 106 new recoveries on August 11. You can find the latest information about the county's cases on the OEM's Facebook page.

EDITORIAL NOTE: We do not include TDCJ numbers in the Grimes County case totals. 

Harris County, including City of Houston: 88,494 total cases, 951 deaths, 51,259 recoveries

Harris County reported 989 new cases, 26 more deaths, and 794 new recoveries on Wednesday. The latest numbers can be found on the county's dashboard. The county's single-day high record of cases was 2,114 on July 31. The highest deaths reported in a single day was 36 on August 6.

Recoveries increased on Saturday, Aug. 1 after the City of Houston said they are joining Harris County by using a different criteria for COVID-19 recoveries. "Recovered cases include presumed recovered cases, defined as 28 days or more since the case was reported, or released from hospital and not deceased."

Jackson County: 413 total cases, 4 deaths, 357 recoveries

Jackson County added three new cases, two new deaths, and seven new recoveries on Wednesday.

Liberty County: 946 cases, 34 deaths, 521 recoveries

Liberty County reported 33 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. The county is updating COVID-19 case numbers on its Facebook page.

Matagorda County: 770 total cases, 27 deaths, 378 recoveries

Matagorda County reported 18 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday.  

Montgomery County: 6,820 total cases, 95 deaths, 4,836 recoveries

Montgomery County added 44 new cases, one more death, and 118 new recoveries on Wednesday. 

Polk County: 762 total cases, 13 deaths, 192 recoveries

Polk County reported one new death on Wednesday. The latest case information is found here.

San Jacinto County: 182 total cases, 7 deaths, 101 recoveries

The county added 25 new recoveries on August 11, according to the Texas DSHS website. 

COVID-19 case totals for San Jacinto County come from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

More news from San Jacinto County

Walker County: 3,434 total cases, 41 deaths, 2,429 recoveries

The county reported 69 new cases, six more new deaths, and eight new recoveries on Wednesday.  

More on the county's COVID-19 cases can be found here.

Waller County: 481 total cases, 5 deaths, 386 recoveries

Waller County reported 17 new cases and dropped by seven recoveries on Wednesday. The latest on county cases are found here.

Washington County: 499 cases, 39 deaths, 365 recoveries

The county reported 48 additional COVID-19 cases, two more deaths, and 63 new recoveries on Friday.

Wharton County: 896 total cases, 18 deaths, 352 recoveries

Wharton County has 50 new COVID-19 cases, seven new deaths, and two new recoveries on Wednesday. The latest on county cases is on the OEM's Facebook page.