What's driving increase in gas prices?

Drivers have likely noticed an increase in gas prices in recent weeks, adding several dollars to the cost of a fill-up. FOX 26 Business Reporter Tom Zizka has a look at some of the factors causing the price hike.

New rules for EPA carbon emission, EV requirements

The federal government is unveiling rules that relax requirements for electric vehicles and car emissions. President Biden saying this is a step toward the US leading the world in making clean cars and trucks. FOX 26 anchor Anthony Antoine is here to tell us what it all means.

Gas prices at highest level since November

Americans are paying more for gas this week than they have since November and AAA says prices could keep climbing in the coming weeks. FOX's Jake Karalexis reports on the increase.

Inflation pushes household spending

Financial markets had a significant selloff after the government reported January inflation was higher than expected. FOX 26 Business Reporter Tom Zizka says for customers, the news is something many already know.

2024 tax season: Filing jointly vs. separately

Married couples have some big decisions to make this tax season, whether to file together or decide to file separately. Rebekah Howard, owner of Howard Certified Public Accountants breaks down the pros and cons of each.

White House pauses LNG permits

The growing business of exporting 'liquified natural gas' from mostly Gulf Coast facilities got an election-year detour from the White House. FOX 26 Business Reporter Tom Zizka says the administration has put the brakes on any new permits.

President Biden touts economic growth

The Biden Administration is touting new numbers showing growth in the economy. FOX's Connor Hansen reports the president is trying to pick up momentum heading into the general election.

Congress agrees upon child tax credit expansion

Congress's top tax writers are pushing a new bipartisan tax agreement which includes numerous tax breaks for parents and U.S. companies. FOX News Correspondent Rebekah Castor breaks down the numbers.

Inflation rate: Companies maintain high prices

Although inflation continues to slow down, from a one-time high of more than nine percent, a lot of consumers are still finding prices stubbornly high. FOX 26 Business Reporter Tom Zizka says many of the companies that make things we buy want to keep it that way.

US government shutdown looms

A U.S. government shutdown is looming and time is running out for lawmakers. FOX's Caroline Shively reports on how lawmakers are flexing their muscles to get what they want.

What job growth means for the economy

Employers added more jobs than expected in December ending a year that defies predictions. Despite signs of a resilient economy, FOX 26's Business Reporter Tom Zizka says there may be some trouble behind the headline.

Housing market outlook in 2024

The housing market in 2024 is looking positive! Houston Association of Realtor's Chair Cathy Trevino has more on what to watch in the market as 2023 comes to an end.