The Impeachment Trial of Ken Paxton - Day 4


Day 4 ends, the trial will resume 9:00 am Monday morning.

Objection Hogwash

This is what happens when you get iconic Texas lawyers in the same courtroom on a Friday afternoon.

Begins with Dick DeGuerin attorney for the House Managers questioning David Maxwell, former director of law enforcement at the attorney general's office. His law enforcement career spanned nearly 50 years.

Dick DeGuerin is one of the lead prosecutors for the House Managers. He is a Houston attorney who has defended former U.S. Representative Tom DeLay, Robert Durst, and David Koresh- Branch Davidian leader.

11:33- Rusty Hardin begins redirect of Ryan Vassar

Paxton attorney Mitchell Little moves to a new subject he calls "The Mystery of the altered letterhead"

During testimony, it was revealed that the AG's office had a media blacklist. "There was a list of certain reporters that were handled differently than other reporters."

10:10 am  J. Mitchell Little resumes cross-examination of Ryan Vassar, focusing on texts exchanged with other whistleblowers in a group chat.

At 9:30 am Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, presiding judge called the court to stand at ease for 30 minutes. Senator Borris Miles went to the dais shortly before the break was called.  Miles office later released that "Senator Miles had to leave briefly t take care of a personal matter."

The day begins continuing the cross-examination of Ryan Vassar

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