The Impeachment Trial of Ken Paxton - Day 3

Late in the afternoon, J. Mitchell Little part of Paxton's defense legal team begins cross-examining Ryan Vassar.

Ryan Vassar, Former deputy attorney general for legal counsel takes the witness stand.

House Manager's attorney Rusty Hardin follows the cross-examination of Ryan Bangert.

Cross-examination by Paxton attorney Anthony Osso Jr. focused on the foreclosure guidance and the midnight work session as well as issues around the whistleblower reporting to the FBI. 

After a short break defense attorney Anthony Osso begins cross-examination of Ryan Bangert.

Ken Paxton attorney Anthony Osso cross-examines Ryan 

Ryan Bangert returns to the witness stand and lawyer for the House Managers Rusty Hardin resumes questioning.

Day 3 starts with clarification regarding evidence related to the current witness.


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