3rd suspect charged in deadly purse snatching of woman, 71, in east Harris County

A third suspect is now charged in the death of an elderly woman after she was run over outside an east Harris County McDonald’s during a purse snatching attempt last year.

Lawrence Thomas was denied bond overnight Thursday and is expected to appear before a district court judge Friday morning.  Court records show he is charged with capital murder.

Investigators allege the first suspect, Andrew Williams, stole 71-year-old Martha Medina’s purse after they followed her from a bank.

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Police say he jumped in a car driven by the second suspect, Felton Ford, and Ford hit Medina as he drove away, ultimately killing her.

It’s unclear what Thomas’ involvement was, but he is still charged along with the other defendants.

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Both Williams and Ford were arrested last year, and according to court documents, Williams was out on bond for a second murder at the time of the crime.