Family questions why judge granted bond to capital murder suspect accused of running over, killing woman

The joy 71-year-old Martha Medina’s family felt when they heard about the arrest of Andrew Williams, 40, quickly turned to anger.

"Angry at the judge angry at the whole system why was this person let out on bond that should not have happened," said Medina’s daughter Liliana.

BACKGROUND: Woman run over during purse-snatching in east Harris County

Last month police say Williams ran over Medina after stealing her purse. She had just walked out of a McDonald’s on Uvalde.

"To him, it wasn’t enough to just snatch her purse no he had to run over her," said Medina’s daughter Lourdes.

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Williams was free from jail on a $150,000 bond for a capital murder charge.

248th Criminal District Court Judge Hillary Unger could have denied Williams bond.

"Capital murder that is the only offense a judge can say no bond," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "The District Attorney’s Office asked that he be denied bond that didn’t happen."


Medina’s daughters have this message for Judge Hillary Unger.

"What we’re you thinking I mean where’s our safety," said Lilliana. "Do you have children do you have a mother this could happen to you. It makes me feel like we have no one out there to look out for us we’re not safe."

"People like that shouldn’t be in office if you’re letting people out for capital murder," Lourdes added. "This person that’s his career that’s what he does he’s going to do it again if you let him out."