Residents outraged after 11-year-old boy shot, killed in Northeast Harris Co.

A mother is devastated after someone shot and killed her 11-year-old son in northeast Harris County, it happened on Tidwell Road near CE King Parkway. 

Darius Dugas went to grab his jacket from the car late Thursday night when his family heard gunshots, they rushed out to find him lying on the ground; he’d been shot several times. 

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"They say Chicago and some other cities are bad, but they say we’re getting there; we’re not getting there, we’re there," said Regginal Brown.

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Brown has been a City of Houston firefighter for nearly 30 years, and he’s lived in Houston for more than 40 years. 

"I’ve seen it all and what’s hurts most of us firemen women and men the most, is children," Brown said. 

He says when he grew up people left their doors unlocked and Houston seemed safe, but he’s witnessed firsthand how times have changed. 

"Go home, triple lock your doors and say your prayers. When I’m getting out of my car it’s getting so bad, I wait and look around," Brown said. 

Dugas’ shooting comes just days after Mayor Sylvester Turner announced a crime initiative, which will put more officers on the streets. 

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The response comes as violent crime has been wreaking havoc throughout the Houston area. 

Brown tells FOX 26 that’s a good start, but he believes it’s going to take every member of our community from top to bottom to stop turning a blind eye and invest time, resources, and dollars into making this city a safe place for everyone. 

"People that forget, that got an education, PHD’s eating steak and potatoes and as long as their family’s okay…  People in leadership and with the money, let’s put some money into some type of something, I mean come on!" Brown said. 


So far no arrests have been made, witnesses described seeing a teen in a white t-shirt running from the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.