Residents in the Galleria area say crime is on the rise

FOX 26 is your station for safety and we have a warning for those who shop and dine in the Galleria area.

Two weeks ago, Kayle, who did not want us to use her last name, says her purse was stolen while she was dining at Moxie’s, a popular spot in the Galleria area.

“I always feel comfortable in the area. Especially it’s very populated, there’s a lot of people, you know, always around. You see patrol. You see security. So you feel safe, right?” Kayla tells FOX 26.

Some of the best shopping and restaurants in Houston are right here in the Galleria area, an area that attracts many tourist, and unfortunately some bad people.

“I had it under my table, off to the side, away from the walk area, and I saw two gentlemen walking towards me. I looked back down to my table. As soon as I did that, one of the guys grabbed me while the other went underneath my table. Crawled under my table to grab my purse and then they both took off running,” Kayla tells us she didn’t put up a struggle and let them men take her purse. She says she was in shock, as were all the customers that were in the packed restaurant at the time.

It appears Kayla wasn’t the only one this happened to. She says people from area businesses have seen this exact incident play out several times.

Just last week, in broad daylight, two male suspects smashed a window to a business inside the mall and took off with merchandise. shows 54 incidents since September 12, mostly theft.

Sgt. Michael Hardt with HPD wants to take this time to remind people that they should never let their guard down.

“You should always be aware of your surroundings," Sgt. Hardt says. "You should be careful about bringing a purse. If you can don’t bring a purse, put the money and your other belongings in your pocket. Stay off the phone. Try to be aware of your surroundings at the same time.“

Kayla says so far the two men who robbed her have not been caught. She just hopes her story will make more aware of the dangers they could face.