Push for more COVID-19 testing continues as Texas starts to reopen

While states make moves towards re-opening businesses, there’s also a push to increase Coronavirus COVID-19 testing.

As of Sunday evening, there are nearly 19,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases across Texas according to the Texas Health and Human Services website. This number includes 4,653 confirmed Coronavirus cases within Harris County and 5,334 patients recovered patients statewide. Also, there have been roughly 183,000 tests.

While state, county, and city leaders discuss possibly re-opening businesses, most agree testing for the sometimes deadly virus needs to increase.

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“If the people can’t come to the sites, we need to take the sites to the people,” said Congressman Al Green.

Over the weekend, representatives Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee met with us to discuss the future of mobile testing.

“If we have mobile sites, we can make sure that we find out just what’s going on,” said Green. “The African American community, and the Latino community, those communities have got to have some mobile sites in them. We have to make sure everybody has the opportunity to get tested.”

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“The main thing is seniors that can’t get out and want to be tested,” said Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. “Young families that are at home with young children. Young parents that can’t get out.  It has to get done. I think we have a city that’s committed to getting it done.”

Mobile testing would be used for those unable to drive themselves to current testing locations. So far, there are just a handful of mobile testing units in the Houston area.

“It’s going to get done,” said Lee. “Right here in Houston, we are poised to get that going.”

Officials believe testing will help slow the spread of COVID-19.