Parents continue to voice concerns over school re-opening

FOX 26 has been sharing with you the stories of families who are concerned about their children going to school. We spoke with one family who is still dealing with personal tragedy, and don’t want to take any more chances with their other children. 

“We’re just looking at it from a different perspective because if you close down everything, and open it back up and you start closing stuff back down, why would we send our kids into an atmosphere if this coronavirus stuff going around is so dangerous?” says Chris Cevilla, his wife Heather Cevilla, agrees.

“Why would you open the schools back up to, you know to the public, and have the kids, you don’t know who’s been exposed, who hasn’t been exposed, but yet you’re exposing the teachers. So to me it’s a danger to everybody, like why are we opening up, just keep it virtual until y’all can contain it?“

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The Cevilla’s have eight children, seven of them are all set to start school at Cy-Fair ISD, but they will do so virtually. 

It’s not an easy task when you need the proper set up for seven children, but they say they are ready. 

“At first it was, but we prepped ourselves, because anything for the safety, like we’re going to make sure we are locked and loaded for their safety,“ says Heather, who also said the school district has been great, and that the district is helping families in need with the virtual set up. 


They are overly cautious because they already suffered a great loss, Chris’s daughter, Jazmine Barnes, was shot and killed while sitting in the back seat of her mother’s car. 

He says, “We still haven’t fully mourned the death of our baby, so I mean we’re just not willing to take the chance of facing another tragedy.“

The Cevilla’s say they understand that many parents may not have the learn at home option available to them due to their jobs, but they hope that all the parents that are struggling will find the right assistance for their needs.