More water issues in Magnolia, residents in new subdivision complain about water pressure

Residents in one Montgomery County community say they never know when they will have running water in their homes.

Andrew Hook, a local Pastor who lives in Mill Creek, says there are water issues at his newly constructed home every other week.

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"We'll come out in the middle of the day or early morning, flip on the faucet, and there's no water or very little water," says Hook.

He and other residents of the new subdivision tell FOX 26 they have complained to the city of Magnolia about this problem, and they get lackluster responses from their staff.

"They say they're aware of the issues, and they're trying to increase supply to the system. But the impression I've been given by the city is 
there are more taps than water," Hook says.

This is not the first time Magnolia has been hit with an overflow of water issues. In August, several residents addressed the city council about extremely high water bills. 

Although Magnolia provides water services for the subdivision, Mill Creek is considered to be outside the city limits.

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"We can't vote in the city elections. They will listen to us. But in terms of response, I don't know," says Hook.

We've reached out to the City of Magnolia and Mayor Todd Kana's office via email and phone, and have not received a response as of Thursday evening.