Drainage issues keep some southeast Houston residents trapped in their own homes

"I've lived here since 1974," said Patricia Haynes.

Haynes lives in the 6400 block of Reed Road in southeast Houston. 

Flood warning until Monday, November 28

You can drive a block in either direction from her house and the street is clear.

But look how much standing water she has in front of her house.

Much of the rain happened on Thanksgiving Day.

"Within the last 3 years it's gotten worse," Haynes said. "I think it's not so much the amount of rainfall but the drainage situation the water is not running off as it should."


It doesn't take torrential rain to keep Haynes trapped in her own home.

"When it does happen as you can see, we cannot get out of our driveways we can't go anywhere," said Haynes. "I've got company and my company won't be able to go home this afternoon."

The friends Haynes invited over for Thanksgiving dinner became overnight guests.

The women didn't want to chance flooding out in the street.

"If it happens any day of the week, I'm here until the next day not able to get out at all," she said.

Flood watch through Saturday afternoon in Houston

The apparent drainage issues also impact Haynes' neighbors.

"Every time I call 311, I get a case number Miss Haynes we'll send someone out if they come, they look and say it's taken care of and as you can see it hasn't been taken care of," said Haynes. "I should have to deal with this at all and it affects everybody on the street."

Houston Public Works says a stormwater team will be investigating the drainage issue on Sunday morning.