Looking for a ride to the polls? Here are some options

If you need a ride to vote on Election Day, there are several options for free or discounted rides.

According to a Pew Research Study, several million voters across the country did not cast ballots in 2016 because they didn't have a way to get there. This year, there are several free options to get you to the polls.

Getting a free ride to go vote on Election Day can be as simple as saying “I'm headed to vote” if you take Houston METRO buses or light rail

"Voters only need to inform the bus operator and or the fare inspector that they're going to or from the poll in order to take advantage of this offer,” explains Houston METRO Media Director Tracy Jackson. 

METRO transportation is accessible for anyone with mobility challenges and METRO Lift is also available for the elderly and disabled, again free of charge on Election Day.


Some organizations are teaming up. 

"Houston Society For Change along with 88 Chump, which is the group organized by George Floyd's High School Teammates, have partnered with AME Be Alert and they have partnered with Lebron James More Than A Vote,” explains Carl Davis with Houston Society For Change. 

They're working with Lyft to take Houstonians to their nearest voting location at a $10 discount when you enter the code 2020Votes. That ride turns out to be free if you live close enough to the poll. 

"I pulled it up, entered the code and it said free ride and the driver will be there in three minutes,” says Davis.

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The non-profit, Voto Latino, is offering a $25 Lyft discount using the code VLF2020.

Uber has a $7 deal when you request your ride using their Polling Finder.

"It's important you vote and also I say if you don't vote, don't complain late,” says Fort Bend County Judge KP George. 

More than 62% of registered voters have cast ballots in Fort Bend County making this a history-making election. The number of early voters there have already surpassed the total voters for 2016.


Fort Bend Transit is giving free rides to all 86 voting locations on Election Day, but you have to reserve your spot before Tuesday.

"This election is one of a kind. Maybe three years from now we will be teaching our children about 2020 Election in the middle of all this pandemic,” says George.

Fort Bend Transit does not have regular service throughout the county, so again you have to make reservations at (281) 633-7433 by 5 p.m. Monday.