Josue Flores Case: DNA, Blood spatter experts testify during Andre Jackson’s trial

Jurors who will decide the fate of the man charged with murdering 11-year-old Josue Flores heard from DNA and blood spatter experts Friday. 

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The blood analysis witness for the prosecution testified to how the accused may have stabbed 11-year-old Josue Flores to death, more than 20 times, without getting blood on him. She says most people think when a crime is committed, "blood will be everywhere, but that isn’t always the case".

For instance, witnesses say the attacker held Josue from behind in a headlock with his left arm and reached around him to repeatedly stab him with his right. The 4’10" child was even stabbed through his arms as prosecutors say the 11-year-old bent slightly forward and wrapped his arms in front of him trying to shield himself from the brutal knife attack.

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In the courtroom, Josue’s dad and sister wiped away tears while listening to testimony from the blood analysis expert as she talked about how when little Josue was murdered, because of the type of injuries his blood would not have sprayed onto his killer. 

Andre Jackson is accused of murdering Josue as he walked home from middle school in May 2016 in an unprovoked attack that took mere seconds.

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According to the blood analysis expert, the killer would not have necessarily gotten blood on him because as witnesses explain it, the killer was behind the 11-year-old with the child’s backpack between them, reaching around front to stab Josue in his chest and abdomen and the expert says even blood on the killer’s hand would have dried in seconds without transferring to the killer’s clothing. 

A Houston Police Department investigator also finished testifying, as prosecutors played a portion of the video of Jackson’s police interrogation. In the footage, Jackson asked several times about what evidence police have against him.

"If you have a video of me stabbing this kid all I can do is confirm that it’s me," Jackson said. "Do you have video of me killing him?"

The DNA expert meantime testified Jackson and two other people’s DNA were found on the cuff of Jackson’s dark green jacket in 2016. 

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One profile came back inconclusive for Josue’s DNA but prosecutors say more advanced testing later showed the jacket tested positive for the 11-year-old’s DNA. Attorney’s observing the trial who are not working on this case say that will be difficult for the defense to explain.

"When you have a DNA match, that part of the case makes it simple. If the DNA is there then the DNA is there," says Houston Defense Attorney Carlos Rodriguez.   

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The Houston Police investigator who testified told jurors he believes Jackson is a "highly intelligent individual" whose actions were not consistent with other witnesses. Although, he says late in the interrogation Jackson tried pretending to be a witness when he couldn’t seem to get his story straight about why he was in the area and was caught on surveillance cameras running away after the murder.


The HPD detective says this crime scene is "burned into my mind because of the pure brutality against an 11-year-old child."