Josue Flores Case: Jury hears accused killer Andre Jackson for first time in trial

Jurors are hearing more about the man who’s on trial for the murder of Josue Flores and how investigators came to believe he’s the killer.

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For the first time, the jury was hearing accused killer Andre Jackson speak as the police interrogation video is played in court of Jackson shortly after his arrest in 2016. 

"I just wanted to be here to make sure the focus and the reason why we’re here isn’t lost," Josue Flores' sister Guadalupe Flores says. 

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The recorded police interview from June 3, 2016, was shown to the jury. During the interrogation, which is minutes after Andre Jackson was arrested for the murder of 11-year-old Josue Flores, Jackson sounds aggravated as the investigator shows him photos taken from surveillance cameras of a man police had been looking for days after witnesses identified the man wearing the distinct green jacket as the murderer.

Jackson first says it isn’t him and the sergeant points out the man in the photo running away from the murder has on the dark green jacket with letters on the hood that’s in Jackson's room at the Salvation Army, and he tells Jackson you’re wearing the same shoes right now.

In the video, Jackson already knows Josue was walking home from Marshal Middle school when he was stabbed to death, and he tells the detective, "you guys already caught one guy and let him go". 

In fact, before the interrogation video was played one witness testified he felt stressed about the 11-year-old’s murder and ended up selecting the wrong man in a photo lineup.

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"Someone did this whether it be this individual or someone else. Someone did this and that person needs to be held accountable," says Jose Vega with LULAC. 

Josue’s dad has attended the trial every day. "It's been hard, and I can’t imagine ever feeling what my dad is feeling," Guadalupe adds.

Josue, who was an honor student and wanted to become a doctor, left school late that day after attending a science fair and ended up face to face with a killer who, without warning stabbed him more than 20 times.

"This could have been your child. This could have been your child. Josue would have been a 17-year-old little boy right now planning his prom date," Vega adds. 

Also, during the interrogation video, Jackson asked the investigator if he can see all the evidence before he answers any questions and asks if the police have video or pictures of him and Josue together. Although, Jackson insists he didn't kill the child.


The detective at one point tells Jackson if you’re not the killer let’s get this cleared up tell me where you were, so I can confirm your alibi, but Jackson appears to be more interested in finding out what evidence police have against him than he does in giving detectives information to clear him. 

Jurors also learned Jackson was in the Marines for four years, served in Iraq for eight months, was homeless for a while, and lived at the Salvation Army for about a month before little Josue was killed.

The trial is set to continue Friday morning.