Houston missing person: Concerns grow for high-functioning autistic boy missing for a week in Houston

The search is on here in Houston for a little boy with special needs. The 12-year-old went missing a week ago in Northwest Harris County.

In fact, today is exactly one week since 12-year-old Keylan Roberson's uncle has been looking for him.  Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables are also searching for little Keylan.

"We received a call of a missing 12-year-old," says Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman.

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Keylan is a high-functioning autistic child.

Keylan Roberson (Photo: Harris County Pct. 4 Constable's Office)

According to Precinct 4, Keylan's mom asked his uncle to take care of him. So the 12-year-old was living in a Northwest Harris County neighborhood with his uncle until last week Monday, when Constable Herman says the 12-year-old vanished.

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"The uncle said the 12-year-old had left and looking into it, we found the mother had possibly picked the kid up and took the kid," Constable Herman explains, and he says at this point it appears the 12-year-old walked away from his uncle's house and his mother was waiting nearby and took him with her.


Last week, Precinct 4 investigators spoke with Keylan's mom by telephone.

"And we had been attempting to set up a meeting because we want to physically, visually see the kid and make sure he's ok. That fell through so right now we're looking for the mother just to verify the child is ok. We do feel like she has partial custody, but there is a police investigation ongoing right now and if the mother sees this she needs to reach out to our agency. (You're not trying to take custody away from her but, since the uncle wants to make sure the kiddo is doing ok you guys want the same?) Certainly, the family wants to ensure the 12-year-old is ok. The number she gave us there's no one answering it ever, and we're again, this is a criminal investigation at this point. We just want to ensure the safety of the 12-year-old," Constable Herman says.  

If you know where to find 12-year-old Keylan Roberson or his mother, you're asked to call Precinct 4 at (281) 376-3472.