Husband of woman who prayed every day outside hospital for his recovery has died

A woman from Tomball who spent every day praying outside her husband’s hospital window while he battled the Coronavirus says he lost his life last week.

It’s not the outcome Michelle Gutierrez was praying for but says it’s important to share her story to give others hope.

"His last words was, ‘you know, I love you, I love you, see you later ... if I don’t make it, know that I put up a good fight’, he said I put up a good fight, and ‘I want you to know that I love you, and I will always love you and remember you."

She kept her promise to her husband David Gutierrez for more than a month, showing up every day outside of his hospital bed at Saint Luke’s in The Woodlands, while he lay in a coma.

She prayed there every night and sent him text messages at 7 p.m. Michelle tells FOX 26 she was there "till the end. It was on Friday the 14th, we still had our prayer at that site, even though the doctors had said he’s already on his way out."

ORIGINAL STORY: Wife spends every night praying outside of husband’s hospital window

She tells us that back in June she tested positive for the virus, while David tested negative. Michelle had no symptoms, but David started to show signs. He was tested right away and was positive. Medication began the same day, but David’s health slowly declined.  Michelle says although the hope was for David to recover, she has made peace with God’s decision.

Since our story first aired, Michelle has been overwhelmed with the amount of support from people, saying her story touched their lives. Some even joining Michelle, despite their religious backgrounds, to pray with her every day.

"They got a lot of hope from David's story. You know, and at the end of this, I didn’t feel angry ... Do not lose your hope, Even if your loved one is at the brink of death, or they have survived, or they have passed on like David, hold onto that faith."

She will miss his big smile and his embrace. She says their five children are taking his death the hardest. While her and David’s story have reached thousands on the importance of faith, she says we still have to remember that a virus is out there.

"We need to educate ourselves and do whatever it takes to not spread this virus. It is not a hoax, it is real."


David will receive a military funeral next week. Michelle tells us that September will be rough on the family as they will celebrate what would have been David’s 54th birthday, and their 10-year wedding anniversary.