Humble ISD teacher goes the extra mile to connect with students

A Humble ISD teacher is going out of her way to make sure she spends time with her first-graders every day.  How is she doing that if Lakeshore Elementary is closed just like all of the other schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak?  Well, this is Positively Houston and first-grade teacher Amber Navarro isn’t letting a small thing like a closed school stop her from connecting with her kids.

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“Oh hello. I was just rescuing this cat,” Mrs. Navarro smiles as she reads from the book The Good Egg. The story, full of an adorable egg’s adventures, is less about getting to know the oval-shaped main character and much more about Mrs. Navarro spending time with her students, even as a Pandemic threatens the world. 

"I love them. No matter if we’re together or apart and I’m always going to be there for them.  I’m going to cry,” Mrs. Navarro says as tears fill her eyes. 

Since school has been canceled because of the COVID19 outbreak Mrs. Navarro has been reading to her kids online. "They make it so worth it when you see their little faces and they’re like (gasp) that’s my teacher".   

"When I saw the first video I posted it online and I shared it with my friends because it was so heartwarming.  It was very touching. I think it’s an awesome way to stay connected during this very confusing time for the kids,” says Deidra Nightingale whose daughter is Mrs. Navarro’s student.  

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"Those are my babies. I have two biological children and 21 at school,” smiles Mrs. Navarro.  

Mrs. Navarro’s 2-year-old recently made a special appearance.  

"We thought it would be really fun to read you guys a bedtime story,” Navarro says with her son by her side.  "I’m here for my students. I’m here. This isn’t just a job for me” and the students appreciate it.  

"It’s fun. I like to watch Miss Navarro read to me,” says 7-year-old Ruby Ann Nightingale.  

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Although the 7-year-old says reading isn’t the best part about her teacher.  She says these things are.  “She’s nice, pretty and beautiful".  

The Humble ISD teacher is certainly doing a beautiful thing.  “And I’m going to do it until I get to see my babies again".  

Mrs. Navarro says she knew she was destined to teach at age 9 when her mom, who was also an educator, allowed her daughter to read to her Kindergarten class.