Ex-girlfriend of man seen shot on surveillance video describes bizarre incident as a plan gone wrong

"At first, I was just really shocked and appalled," said Derringer Vickery reacting to the video of his 20-year-old brother Zavier getting shot. "You can see him yelling, hands up, hands up, like he's a cop. Then you see him run, shoot 20 feet from another person who had nothing to do with it. That's so crazy."

"As a mom, I could just tell he was scared," said Zavier's mother Melissa Moore. "It was gut wrenching. It made me sick to my stomach."

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"My brother doesn't even know the guy, never seen him before in his life," Derringer said. "It's his girlfriend's house. He lived there on and off."

"I hope Zavier's OK," said Jennifer Johnson. "I wanted him not to be here when he's not supposed to be here."

Jennifer owns the property where the shooting happened. She says Zavier is her ex, and she has a protective order against him.

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43-year-old Kyle Michael Riddle, Jennifer says, was in the process of becoming her tenant.

"And found out there's a protective order against Zavier, the guy that got shot, and was going to help out apprehending him."

Jennifer says the plan was to hog tie Zavier and hold him until the police arrived.

"Kyle's not even an officer, he's not any form of law enforcement," she said. "I'm just shocked. He wasn't supposed to be using a gun, to be shooting him down. None of this was supposed to happen."

Zavier is in a hospital listed as confidential. His condition is not known.

Kyle Riddle is charged with aggravated assault.