How to save money on gas on summer road trips

Maybe you’ve just returned from your first road trip of the summer, paying $4 or more for a gallon for gas.

Even though gas prices range from more than $4 to nearly $7 a gallon across the country, many people are still taking road trips because it's cheaper than flying.

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Here are some tips to cut your costs on the road this summer.

"Keep this is in your vehicle," said Mike Caudill, showing us a tire gauge. "This is how you tell the tire pressure."

Caudill, with, says you can improve your gas mileage with good car maintenance, such as keeping tires properly inflated.

"If you take 10 to 15 psi's out of one tire, it’s going to pull to the right or left and force the engine to work a lot harder," explained Caudill.


You can also replace dirty air filters.

"Your air filter allows your vehicle to breathe and mine is filthy," Caudill showed us.

And he suggested pouring fuel system cleaners, which run from $5 to $15, into the tank. Experts recommend it every 1,500 to 3,000 miles.  

"The fuel injector allows fuel to easily flow through. The more you put pressure on the gas pedal, the more fuel goes through," said Caudill.


Eliminate extra weight on the vehicle, such as heavy luggage on a rack on top, or equipment in the trunk. And consolidate your errands into one trip.  

He says these steps combined can add up to big savings.

"If you drive the speed limit and work more on economy driving, you can save $10 to $15 every time you go to fill up," he said.