Houstonians from Ukraine concerned about tensions with Russia

Tensions continue as the world waits to see if Russia will invade Ukraine, and cause a potential war, which could impact the US.

Relations between the U.S., NATO and Russia have remained tense, and the Kremlin has yet to dismantle its 100,000-troop presence along Ukraine’s border. In the meantime it’s keeping some Houstonians worried.

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"Everybody afraid. Everybody afraid. I know that rich people already sent kids to other countries like Poland, Spain, and Portugal. The people who don’t have money say what can I do," said Nataliya Goryachev who was born in Ukraine and lives in Houston. "My friends tell me that everyone is worried about the situation, worrying about what everyone is going to eat. No one knows what will happen tomorrow or after tomorrow. Of course, I am worried because my family and friends are there."

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Just a few months ago, she was able to bring her mom from Ukraine. She and her husband opened a European eatery a few years ago in Cypress.

"We have a lot of Ukrainian customers that come to our restaurant that also express their worry about the situation and how things will unfold. No one really knows the situation," said Mikhail Goryachev, who co-owns Nyam Nyam Café. "Everybody stay safe and peaceful and go on with their lives."