Houston tornado: Couple thankful to be alive after witnessing Pasadena tornado in their RV

John and Billie Liparito celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary in their RV when the powerful tornado swept through Pasadena Tuesday. 

SHEER DESTRUCTION: Deer Park/Pasadena tornado preliminarily rated as EF3

Video shows the moment the storm headed straight to where they were parked, yards away from the Crossfit Southbelt gym off Fairmont Parkway. The EF3 winds destroyed the building. 

"It was hell," says John, a retired firefighter. "When I saw that roof go up I said, this is it, it's here." 

The storm made its way around their RV, taking down power lines, flipping a nearby trailer, and damaging a lodge building on the opposite side. They both got on the floor of the vehicle as the storm hit. 

"It came through on the driver's side, went across the street, touched down over there, and picked up this big trailer," says Billie. "It made a big U around us." 

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The RV is at a standstill for now after getting damage to windows, heat pumps, satellite dish, and antenna. The couple has been traveling across the country together for 12 years and were set to be in Houston for only a few days. 

"This will be the worst of the things we've been through, but we’re still here," says Billie.