Houston student's college aid in limbo due to FAFSA glitch

Everyone going to college is urged to go through FAFSA, a free application for federal student aid.

Uma Cloud says she has spent two months dealing with a computer glitch on the website with no end in sight.

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Her son, Chacen, just graduated National Honor Society and 44th in his class of around 600.

He was accepted into Houston Christian University.

"I think it's an outstanding fit," she said. "Because at the center of their mission is Jesus Christ, which is very important to him."

Chacen isn't Uma's only child with college aspirations.

"For the next three years, it's back-to-back-to-back," said Uma. "We have 2024, 2025, 2026. College is expensive."

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Uma says she needs FAFSA, a free application for federal student aid to fund her's son's college expenses. She says she's tried dozens of times to add HCU to Chacen's application.

"It will not take me to the signature page to be able to submit it," Uma said. "It goes from at the college page, to the students financial page. It's back and forth. We can not get out of this glitch."

UMA says she even went to HCU seeking help.

"They even brought their own computer for me to try at the school to add his FAFSA application. We're stuck," said Uma. "They were baffled. They didn't know what was going on. Nobody knows customer service. Doesn't know what's going on. The financial aid office chat doesn't know what to do about it. Nobody knows how to help us get out of this glitch."

We asked to hear from others with FAFSA problems and heard back from several folks in no time.

We reached out to FAFSA, but haven't heard back. Houston Christian University gave this statement: "We are making every effort to work with the family to process the student’s FAFSA application."

If you have a similar issue like Uma, or have advice on how to help her, email me at Randy.wallace@fox.com.